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Park Seneca Building – Energy Assessment

  • 110,000 sq/ft
  • Building Constructed in 1968
  • Located in Charlotte, NC

HPBS performed an ASHRAE Level II energy assessment audit as part of a pre-purchase needs assessment for the 110,000 square foot, 10 story building constructed in 1968. The assessment audit found identified that few south south-facing windows had a tinted window film installed to reduce solar heat gain.  The window frames were in acceptable condition but the operable windows were missing weather-stripping required replacement.  The HVAC system for the building was found to be obsolete; however, a replacement would require a major, cost prohibitive renovation of the building.

Recommended energy conservation measures that would not require major renovation included: lighting retrofits and occupancy sensors, air sealing and window film installation.  Computer modeling demonstrated that implementation of these recommendations would achieve a 29% reduction in annual energy usage.

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